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Lee, C. Aujean, and Aarika Forney. 2022. "A Primer on Asian Americans and Asian American Studies for Public Administration." Public Integrity 24(6): 521-534.

This article serves as an introduction for public administration and public institutions about Asian Americans. The experiences of Asian Americans and the field of Asian American Studies can inform a more nuanced understanding of how racial categories are constructed and community-led efforts that lead to institutional change. Asian Americans offer important insights for public administration, including how to contend with intra- and intergroup differences, how racialization upholds white supremacy, and how to document community-based histories of activism and engagement with public institutions. We end with recommendations to rethink diversity and racial climate in the field. Through a more in-depth understanding of racial categories, public institutions can improve resource distribution and decision-making.

Ripberger, Joseph, Andrew Bell, Andrew Fox, Aarika Forney, William Livingston, Cassidy Gaddie, Carol Silva, and Hank Jenkins-Smith. 2022. "Communicating Probability Information in Weather Forecasts: Findings and Recommendations from a Living Systematic Review of the Research Literature." Weather, Climate, and Society. 14(2): 481-498.

Working Papers

  1. Black Identity in the Bureaucracy and Attitudes about Representation.

  2. Black Bureaucrats and Organizational Support for Representation. 

  3. DEI for Whom?: Black Bureaucrats and Attitudes about DEI Initiatives. 

  4. Does A Meteorologist Race Predict Trust?

  5. Public Perceptions of Nonprofit Executive Directors: Does Leadership Identity Affect the Perceptions of the Executive?

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